Immobility is the root cause of many chronic diseases


Many people are unable to engage in physical activities due to joint pain. When your Joints are not healthy, your mobility is restricted and your ability to participate in activities such as workouts, sporting activities and daily routine is affected.

Joint pain leads to physical inactivity, which may lead to obesity. And obesity triggers a chain of other chronic diseases as shown above.

There is currently no cure for degenerative joint diseases, and most available medications can only provide temporary relief. URAH Singapore has developed a clinically tested solution for Joint and Body pains using URAH® Micellar Transdermal Technology, which has made is possible to deliver optimal concentration of glucosamine plus other vital ingredients directly to damaged cartilage, and quickly restore people to normal active lifestyle.

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URAH Bone Health plus Bio-Calcium and Chondroitin
  • 10% glucosamine with chrondroitin
  • Apply twice a day for optimal result
  • Chondroitin works in synergy with glucosamine to strengthen joint structure
  • Bio-calcium works in synergy with glucosamine and vitamins to provide optimal protection for bones and cartilage
  • Available in hospital and clinic pharmacies and website only