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What is Urah Micellar Transdermal Technology?

Urah Micellar Transdermal Technology is a proprietary stable emulsion matrix capable of encapsulating and delivering therapeutic concentrations of drugs, supplements and natural extracts seamlessly through the skin, invented by Urah group of scientists based in Singapore.

Urah Micellar Transdermal Technology is based on its bio-surfactant technology which is patented in the US (US Patent No. 6846916), Japan Patent No.: 4580234 and Singapore Patent No.SG 102614

Urah Delivery System consists of seamless infusion of actives using micellar encapsulation techniques. Example, Micellar glucosamine is delivered as shown below:

1. Encapsulation


2. Skin Penetration


3. Relief and Healing

Most Popular

URAH Bone Health plus Bio-Calcium and Chondroitin
  • 10% glucosamine with chrondroitin
  • Apply twice a day for optimal result
  • Chondroitin works in synergy with glucosamine to strengthen joint structure
  • Bio-calcium works in synergy with glucosamine and vitamins to provide optimal protection for bones and cartilage
  • Available in hospital and clinic pharmacies and website only


Key Benefits of Urah Micellar Transdermal Delivery System

Traditional Delivery Systems Urah Micellar Transdermal Delivery System Key Benefits Of Urah Micellar
Some medications may have low absorption (low bioavailability) in the gastric Urah Micellar enables high absorption and seamless delivery through the skin with no side effects Rapid and Complete Absorption
Intravenous injections are painful Urah delivery system is needle-free and painless Pain-free
Some oral medication may cause gastric discomforts Urah Micellar Transdermal has no gastric side effects No Gastric side-effects
Many conventional delivery systems may take longer time to reach target area Urah creams can be robbed directly at the target for rapid results Direct to target and Rapid results
Swallow may be difficulty for elderly patients Urah cream is convenient and easy to comply with dosage Convenient and Easy to Comply with Dosage
Oral calcium supplementation may cause kidney stones and hardening of the arteries Urah Micellar Transdermal delivers Bio-Calcium optimally with no side effects. Optimal performance
Most supplements are unregulated and not clinicals tested Urah Micellar Transdermal technology is clinical tested and is based on Biosurfactant Technology patented in the US, Japan and Singapore. Clinically Tested.Backed by Patented Technology
Most topic balms use the temporary hot & cooling placebo sensations which last only a few moments. Urah Micellar Transdermal products are free from the usual hot & cooling sensations but amazingly effective. Natural and smooth on the skin. No Hot or Cooling Placebo Sensation. Natural and smooth on skin


Urah Singapore has been able to create a number of clinically proven transdermal products such as JOINT HEALTH Micellar Glucosamine (for osteoarthritis and general body pains), BONE HEALTH Micellar Bio-Calcium (for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and general body pains)

Why Micellar Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is an important biological molecule produced naturally in the body and is used for making glucosaminoglycans – the principal lubricating proteins in cartilage, tendons, ligaments, synovial fluid and mucous membranes. When the body cannot produce enough glucosamine, conditions such as osteoarthritis, joints and body pains may start to occur. These Glucosamine deficiency syndromes can be prevented or managed by effective glucosamine supplementation.

Unfortunately, glucosamine is difficult to deliver to the body. Glucosamine absorption is very low in the gastric and it may cause gastric acidity and irritation. Topical Glucosamine would obviously be preferred BUT formulating effective concentration of Glucosamine in a cream is a big challenge. It is even more challenging to deliver glucosamine across the skin layers in to the body. You may have heard people say "I tried many Glucosamine before but it did not work for me". This is simply because any glucosamine product without the right glucosamine delivery technology may not give any value. The presence of high concentration of Glucosamine in the cream always leads to emulsion breakdown and decomposition of creams in to two layers of oil and water. Thus effective Glucosamine therapy has been an illusion for many years.

How Micellar Transdermal Technology was discovered

Dr Jonathan Obaje, experimenting with Biosurfactant Molecules (US Patent No. 6846916) in his Singapore lab in 2002, discovered a proprietary emulsion matrix (named Obalin®) capable of holding up to 20 % Glucosamine compounds in a stable emulsion which can deliver Glucosamine trans dermally to the joints. Dr Obaje used his technology to create the 1st generation TGC for Lynk Biotechnologies Pte Ltd in 2003 where he was a founding scientist and technology licensor to the Company. He was however not satisfied with the qualities and the efficacy of TGC and his other OEM brands such as Pharmaskin, Biolyn and Medilyn TGC. Hence, Dr Obaje enlarged his research team under URAH TRANSDERMAL PTE LTD, to optimize the formula. The advance formula named URAH MICELLAR GLUCOSAMINE (Urah MGC) was launched in 2009 after more extensive research was done. The Clinical Report on the efficacy of the new Urah Micellar Glucosamine formulation was published in a Science Journal in 2011.

Customized GMP manufacturing process was developed, installed and validated in Urah GMP factory located in Singapore Industrial Park.

Urah MGC is now registered and sold in many Countries and increasingly recommended in many hospitals, including Singapore General Hospital, Changi General Hospital, KK Women & Children Hospital and Polyclinics.

Urah MGC has won many Top-Seller and Top-Brand Awards among major pharmacies in Singapore.

Urah is currently collaborating with top global research centres for the application of its Transdermal Delivery Systems to deliver other important drugs and health supplements that have difficulties with convention modes of drug administration.

Superiority of Urah Micellar Transdermal Delivery Over Oral Glucosamine (Based on mouse experiment)

Because the cream has high skin permeation abilities, pain relief may be experienced within few minutes of application. The result of comparable bioavailability study done on oral and transdermal administration has shown high improvement in systemic available Glucosamine by transdermal route.

There may be many brands of creams out there claiming to contain Glucosamine but most can only contain little concentration of Glucosamine. And many brands which may claim to have high concentration of glucosamine may not have the technology to deliver across the skin, thus leaving glucosamine residue on the skin.

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Why is Glucosamine acidic?

Glucosamine, by nature, is an unstable chemical substance which needs to be compounded into a stable form before it can be used. The only stable form of Glucosamine compounds available in most drugs today are the acid salts such Glucosamine sulphate, Glucosamine hydrochloride and Glucosamine Acetate. High oral dosages of these stable but acidic Glucosamine compounds cause hyper acidity leading to gastrointestinal toxicity.

When Glucosamine is taken orally, most of it is broken down and used for non-tissue functions and only a minute fraction eventually reaches the joints where it is needed. This is why high oral dosages (typically 1,500 mg daily) are normally recommended in oral administration to make up for the high loss of Glucosamine in the digestive systems. But hyper acidity or Gastrointestinal toxicity are the natural consequences of high oral dosages and Gastric ulcer may result from prolong oral administration. Urah Micellar Transdermal Delivery System has solved these problems and it is currently the industry benchmark.

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