Quality Requirements of Glucosamine Creams

  • August 23, 2013
  • URAH Singapore

There are 5 key Quality Parameters to look for in your glucosamine cream:

  • Do not be deceived by the Hot & Cooling placebo sensation
  • Look for the Concentration of active glucosamine on the packaging
  • Check the Stability of the cream
  • Check Skin penetration (delivery technology efficacy)
  • Check Acidity level (pH)

How do I check these qualities?

1. Hot or Cooling Placebo Sensation is not required.

Good Glucosamine product does not require the “Hot & Cooling placebo Sensation” Most products use menthol, capsaicin (chili), camphor, and so on, to create the deceptive hot & cooling placebo sensation which may not give any value beyond the temporal sensation. Some of the chemical additives used to cause the Hot & Cooling Sensation might be toxic and corrosive to the skin. Be careful to choose genuine Glucosamine product not based on the Hot & Cooling Sensation.

2. Concentration of Active Glucosamine - Check the packaging labels.

Most brands with very low concentrations of Glucosamine do not indicate percentage (%) content on their packaging. Any Cream containing below 7% glucosamine or less than 70mg per 1g serving may not give you much benefits.

Any serious marketing company wishing to distribute Glucosamine Cream should do a random independent analysis (glucosamine assay) before taking on a brand.

3. Stability of the cream.

A cream is unstable if water separates and collects below or on top of the cream after a period of time.

Check for water collection in the cream or feel the bottom of the tube for water. When you press out the cream check for watery unhomogeneous spots in the cream. Also if you are instructed to “shake before use”, do not buy such products.

The following picture illustrates the emulsion separation problems of many brands of glucosamine creams:

Glucosamine compounds naturally brakes emulsions. This is why many companies find it difficult to formulate high concentration glucosamine creams (less than 7% glucosamine concentration may not be effective)

For marketing companies wishing to distribute Glucosamine Cream, it is important to do a simple stability test by spinning a random sample on a Centrifuge. Spin the cream sample (20 - 50g) at 4,000 rpm for 30-50 minutes in a clear tube. If water collects below the tubes, do not bother to sell the brand.

4. Skin penetration test is a proof of efficacy of the delivery vehicle.

Rub about 1g of cream on one of your wrists (enough to cover your wrist joint area). Leave the second wrist for comparism. Wait for about 15 minutes then rub the spot again with your index finger, pressing a bit harder. If you observe whitish scales or powdery debris pilling off your skin, then the delivery vehicle is wrong. Such glucosamine creams cannot give any benefit.

5. Acidity (pH) test.

Use simple pH meter (or litmus paper) to deep directly in to the cream. If the pH level falls below 2.3, do not buy.

Topical (Transdermal) Glucosamine cream with the right quality guaranties maximum result with no side effect.

Urah Obalin® Micellar Transdermal Delivery System is unique in the sense that it contains a unique balance of ingredients (both active and complementary) in an optimal proportion in a stable emulsion matrix that diffuses through the skin seamlessly.

Check the Quality and originality of your Glucosamine brand before use!

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