6 Myth about your arthritis

Myth 1 – All joint pain is arthritis.

Fact: Other conditions, such as tendonitis, bursitis or other soft-tissue injuries also cause joint pain. Evaluation by a rheumatologist will lead to the right diagnosis and treatment.

Myth 2 – Rain and damp weather worsen arthritis.

Fact: Although many believe that a twinge in the knee or knuckle can predict rain, there’s no scientific evidence that dampness or humidity intensifies arthritis symptoms.

Myth 3 – Take it easy if your arthritis acts up.

Fact: Regular, sensible exercise actually may help your arthritis, although arthritic joints sometimes need a short period of rest followed by a gradual return to activity. It’s important to maintain your strength and range of motion in your joints. Your doctor can guide you and suggest exercise that’s gentler on the joints.

Myth 4 – Rum-soaked raisins, grapefruit, and eggplant or other “nightshade” vegetables are dietary cures for arthritis.

Fact: A change in diet has no effect on arthritis. Arthritis has no cure, but medications and lifestyle changes can effectively manage symptoms and permit normal activity.

Myth 5 – Ice is less helpful than heat for sore joints.

Fact: Both cold and heat are useful for arthritis. Applying ice at night can ease joint inflammation arising from daily activities. Applying heat in the morning can relax the muscles that move stiff joints.

Myth 6 – Supplements like glucosamine benefit everyone with arthritis.

Fact: Glucosamine has been shown to benefit only a subset of people with osteoarthritis, possibly by stimulating the regrowth of worn-out cartilage. We advise people to take glucosamine with chondroitin for three months to see if it makes any difference. If so, continue using it; if not, don’t waste your money and look for other options.

Source: http://my.clevelandclinic.org/be_well/busting_arthritis_myths_bewell1008.aspx

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