Don’t Swallow Glucosamine Pills-According to Experts.
Learn How Urah Micellar Technology Provides the Solution

  • March 04, 2020
  • URAH Singapore

Recently, the American College of Rheumatology/Arthritis strongly recommended against taking oral glucosamine pills due to lack of efficacy and side effect of the gastric. In their 2020 guideline just published, independent clinical reports have revealed increasing number of side effects of oral glucosamine pills (Source: taking-it-20200129-p53vq1.html).

A Singapore group of scientists had, since 2001, recognized that oral administration of glucosamine was flawed. Subsequently, they initiated a research to address the problem of glucosamine therapy under Urah Transdermal Pte Ltd. Research have revealed that oral glucosamine does not work because of low absorption in the gastric and the acidity of glucosamine molecule is responsible for the gastric side effect experienced by most users of glucosamine pills.

There is no doubt that glucosamine is a very important biological molecules in our body because it is needed for the production of glycoproteins and glycolipids that make soft tissues like the cartilage, ligaments, collagen and synovial fluid. However, it is difficult to deliver glucosamine to the human body. Currently, only the body internal mechanism produces glucosamine (in the form of Glucosamine 6-phosphate) for the needed biological functions. Once our body is unable to produce enough glucosamine then we face glucosamine deficiency syndrome such as arthritis, rheumatism, body aches and pain.

Many attempts to supplement glucosamine into the body have failed because of low absorption (low-bioavailability) and toxicity. Glucosamine cannot be delivered through the gastric, it cannot be delivered by injection and it cannot be delivered by rubbing on the body. Only recently,Urah group of scientist based in Singapore introduced a break through Micellar Technology which is able to encapsulated glucosamine in a cream and delivered through many layers of the skin into the blood circulation within 20 minutes after application. Once glucosamine is delivered into the blood using Urah Micellar Technology, many biological benefit of glucosamine can be experienced. This technology is patented in the USA, Japan and Singapore and clinically tested in Singapore hospitals and the result have been published in a scientific journal.

Urah Micellar products are available in many retail pharmacy, hospital and online. The company actually challenges users to do a self-assessment on the effectiveness of their product through an online program which is available at

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