Thank you for your interest in participating in this independent survey. You are helping many people who are suffering osteoarthritis and body aches like you.

In this survey, we will need you to follow the following guideline.

To sign up for this survey:

  • You will be required to purchase a minimum of 2 tubes of any URAH Micellar Glucosamine Product and fill up 6 weeks of survey in order to receive another 2 tubes of Joint Health plus Omega-3 FREE.
  • You need to rub about 2.5cm (0.5g) of URAH Micellar Glucosamine Cream directly to the affected joints or the aching part of your body three (3) times daily for at least four (4) weeks.
  • You will need to fill up the survey before you start using Urah cream. Then continue to fill up the Survey form weekly after you start using Urah product. Remember to fill up the survey before the weekly deadline.
  • If you have already purchased Urah Cream and you want to participate in this Survey, please sign up the survey registration first, then send email to to request an activation of your account.

If you would like to know what are the survey questions, click here to look at the sample.

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