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  • September 05, 2013
  • URAH Singapore

US Patent, No: 6846916

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United States Patent: 6,846,916

Obaje: January 25, 2005

Trans-acidolysis process for the preparation of carbohydrate fatty-acid esters


The present invention relates to a low temperature, solvent-free trans-acidolysis process for preparing surface-active carbohydrate fatty-acid esters comprising the steps of: (e) reacting acylated carbohydrate with free fatty acid in the presence of acid catalyst, under reduced pressure, and without adding any solvent; (f) decolorizing and separating the reaction mixture obtained in step (a) into unreacted fatty acid layer and a carbohydrate fatty-ester layer; (g) precipitating out the unreacted acylated carbohydrate; (h) librating the hydroxyl groups by partial hydrolysis in the presence of an acid catalyst; (i) removing the unreacted free fatty acids and unreacted carbohydrate esters of low molecular-weight carboxylic acids during purification, and recycling the removed unreacted free fatty acids and carbohydrate esters to the starting reactant mixture.

Inventors: Obaje; Olobo Jonathan (Singapore, SG)
Assignee: URAH Resources Ltd.
Appl. No.: 050402
Filed: January 15, 2002

Foreign Application Priority Data

Feb 24, 2001[SG]: 200100727-7
Current U.S. Class: 536/18.6; 536/18.5; 536/115; 536/116; 536/119; 536/120; 536/124
Intern'l Class: C07G 003/00; C07H015/00; C07H017/00
Field of Search: 536/18.5,18.6,115,116,119,120,124

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Japan Patent, No.: 4580234

Singapore Patent.: SG 102614

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