Drawbacks & Side Effects of Oral Glucosamine

  • August 23, 2013
  • URAH Singapore

*Low Bioavailability:

The poor clinical performance of Oral Glucosamine, reported by many clinical trials, is due mainly to low bioavailability of glucosamine when taken orally. Most of Glucosamine taken orally is lost in the digestive track.This is why it may take long time to get any benefits from oral glucosamine tablets, capsules, powder & liquids.

Urah has now broken the bioavailability barrier with its proprietary Micellar Transdermal Technology (Urah MGC) which is able to deliver high concentration of glucosamine through the skin.


* Glucosamine is good ... but ACIDIC !

Stable glucosamine compounds are naturally ACIDIC. Oral glucosamine therefore carries the risk of Excess Gastric Acidity leading to what is

Now known as "glucosamine allergy", example, gastric irritation, nausea, wheezing, constipation and gastric ulceration.

* To avoid Excess Gastric Acidity .... avoid oral glucosamine in all forms....

Get the new Innovative Alternative - Urah Micellar Transdermal Glucosamine Cream (Based on US Patented Technology).

A trial will convince you. Read more details below ...

By nature, Glucosamine is an unstable chemical substance. When exposed to air it is easily degraded and denatured. In order to be used, Glucosamine has to be compounded into a stable acidic salt. E.g. Glucosamine sulphate, Glucosamine hydrochloride, acetyl glucosamine, etc. All these stable glucosamine compounds are ACIDIC

High oral dosages (which is typically 1500 to 2000mg daily) of Glucosamine is normally prescribed to make up for the high loss in the gastric system. But, because these Glucosamine compounds are acidic, high oral dosages inadvertently causes hyper acidity or Gastrointestinal toxicity. Prolonged oral administration of Glucosamine drugs and supplements may therefore lead to Gastric irritations, ulceration and other gastrointestinal complications (commonly refered to as "glucosamine allergy")

Obalin® Transdermal Glucosamine delivery Technology circumvents the above disadvantages by "encapsulating" high concentration of Glucosamine compound in an emulsion matrix which is easily transported through skin layers into the muscles and blood system within few minutes of application.

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